Adari Blocks Factory

We provide cable tiles, concrete covers and high voltage cable protectors. We are marketing these materials for more than 75 % Bahrain customers. We have vast Experience in this field for past 30 years. These tiles are used to protect the electric cables and to provide warning to individuals who may excavate. The cable tiles are available in different ranges of thickness and size to suit the requirements of the clients.

We ensure safety of our product by selecting from the third party certification and also our company is an ISO certified one.



About Our Leaders

Mr. Ebrahim Hassan Mahdi

As an institution built from the ground up, it is always my belief that we maintain exemplary partnership with our clients because of three specific points. First, we keep our integrity intact. We do as we say without over promising and we deliver results in a highly specialized manner that is tailor-fit for each of our customers. Second, we never settle for mediocrity, we are always on the quest for innovations suited to our brand. Lastly, we strive to keep a standard. We invest in yielding quality output every customer deserves to have.
We have been utilizing and leveraging solid business strategies with safe, environmentally sustainable and high quality solutions that help shape the nation’s construction landscape.
We will continue to keep up our commitment in providing high quality solutions in shaping the nation for the years to come.

Mr. Ahmad E H Mahdi

Adari Blocks Factory, proudly assert that we will continue to benchmark our achievements by associating ourselves with iconic projects and providing the best possible products. Our latest and technologically updated plant and machinery can manufacture the best quality products available in the market. We can deliver the products even to the remotest parts of Bahrain using our own fleet of trucks and trailers. We give utmost importance to our professional pool of talented staff. Our technical and commercial staffs are trained as per the internationally accepted standards in the relevant technology, ensuring that the end products are delivered in accordance to the project specifications. Our commitment to provide high quality products, on time delivery are the reasons why our clients continues to expand every year.
Today, our diverse range of portfolios span a wide spectrum of projects that include residential, commercial and industrial construction. We track record that demonstrates our ability to put the company’s core values and vision into action, ensuring that the best products and services are offered.

About Our Product

The cable tiles are available in different ranges of thickness and size to suit the requirements of the clients. We have been delivering the products in good shape and on time with follow up services to achieve our customer satisfaction which plays a top priority. We take extra care to make sure that any tiles we source will satisfy our customers, both in terms of aesthetics, functionality and variety.


We make high voltage quality cable tiles as per the requirements of the clients.


Our company is an ISO certified one and we make ISO certified tiles


We give utmost importance in making highly
durable tiles.


We provide high quality solutions in shaping the nation for the years to come.

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Mission, Vision, Quality

Our mission is to be the leader in the market by efficiently providing full range of the highest quality products and services at competitive prices while focusing on our clients’ needs and enhancing our products and services through safe, sustainable and innovative manufacturing practices.
  • To be recognized as a leader in construction industry regionally and establish a competence that is identified globally.
  • Our policy has always been to provide high quality products and service on a continuous basis, on-time delivery of products at agreeable pricing and meeting customer needs.